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Dear Ministers, Church Leaders, and Bible Teachers,

I understand the frustration that you often feel. You teach and preach and encourage the flock, but for some reason cannot get your church members to serve in the way God intended.


You know that the church you serve has great potential, but that potential goes unrealized year after year. What can you do?



Let's consider some common problems:

Most Christians do not understand that God has called them to ministry in the local church (I know you've told them a thousand times, but trust me on this).

Many church members serve in areas they are not gifted for, leading to boredom, burnout, and eventually drop-out.

While many Christians have heard of spiritual gifts, the instruction they have received on it, if any, has been minimal at best.

When most church members hear sermons on spiritual giftedness/service they go on a guilt trip rather than receiving the encouragement you intended to give.


I can tell you from personal experience that once someone fully understands what God has called them to, and recognizes that God has given them the spiritual gift that they need to accomplish that calling, they will begin to blossom. They will find the fulfillment they've been looking for, and the church will be blessed by their service.


For this to take place, we must work to transform three vital areas of a person's life:

  • Their Heart (Emotionally/Spiritually)

  • Their Head (Intellectually/Spiritually)

  • Their Hands (Physically/Spiritually)

When a person feels (Heart) the need to serve, and understands (Head) why they should serve, it is only a matter of time until they begin to do (Hands) what God has called and gifted them to do. The Spiritual Gifts Guide will equip you to lead a person to this point.


What's Included in the Spiritual Gifts Guide?


Instant Download!

Spiritual Gifts Software including 100 questions to help your students determine how God has gifted them (MS Windows™)

Eight-Lesson Teacher's Guide with complete lessons you can teach "as is" or edit to fit your own style.

Eight-Lesson Reproducible Student's Guide for class notes. Make as many copies as you need as many times as you need to.

Complete PowerPoint slides that correspond with each lesson.


The Spiritual Gifts Guide is without doubt one of the most important ministry resources you will ever have at your disposal. You can use it over and over and over again. You can teach it to one class, or 1,000 classes without any additional investment. You can also use the software as many times as you would like with as many people as you would like.


The Spiritual Gifts Guide can be used for:

  • A Special Teaching Series

  • Sunday School Class Material

  • Midweek Bible Studies

  • Small Group Studies

  • One-to-one spiritual counseling sessions


We have spent countless hours developing and putting this resource together because we recognize the importance of teaching God's people about service in the Kingdom. You can now take this ready made resource and implement it in your local situation. Then sit back and watch God do the work!


Are you ready to invest in the future of your people and the church you've been called to serve? Then order now. You'll be glad that you did! Only $27.00 (including Spiritual Gifts Software!).


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In Christ,




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